Monday, 6 December 2010

What our CD cover would be like


This was a quick mock up of the front of a possible CD cover. we desaturated our dresses which we didn't do on the magazine advert which we feel we should've so the coloring would've matched our digipak. unfortunately we felt the 15 certificate logo was to prominent on the top layer so we hid it behind and now it is barely visible.
We felt we challenged current CD covers as the arn't normally as busy we assumed this was because of printing costs. because ours is only on the computer printing costs do not exist therefore ours could be as extravagant busy and colourful as we liked.
Initially we used our magazine advert and swapped it up a bit to create something similar but new.

cd back

This is another quick mock up that would be the back of our CD cover.  maybe the tree on both sides is a bit much but its easily erasable.

cd back new

Here we erased the tree but it left a big gap and we wern't sure what to put there. if we had two landscape photos i could put the to next to each other but one being landscape it would'nt have a linear perspective at all.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Beki's Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Our media product is fairly influenced by other real media products as the artist is portrayed in glamorous way and is the main focus of the video, digipak and the magazine cover was very typical for an artist of this genre, much like Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke e.t.c. We challenged the conventions of typical RnB videos, as they tend to exploit the feminine figure by wearing revealing clothing and performing sexually influenced dance moves, thus using Goodwins point of voyerism as the manifestation of women. We were influenced by several similar artists and managed to use intertextuality with our video and Girls Aloud's 'Biology' music video, by using the same hand movement. By using one of Goodwins points we were able to create a more in depth video and it also relates the lyrics and visuals together, along with the "damsel in distress" written on the car and the "Mr Mechanic" calling on the phone.
The lighting we have used is very typical of this genre of music. It emphasises the artist and looks very appealing and sophisticated. We originally found the idea on a Mcfly acoustic set from The Sun Biz Sessions and used the effect that appeared on this video of the bright light behind the artist performing. We then developed this idea and used the car headlights for extra lighting.

Mcfly video

Beki Headlights
Our video

This also relates back to the connection between the lyrics and visuals. We originally decided to make our video black and white after being inspired by Beyonce's 'Diva' video and then after watching the Mcfly video again we then decided that making it highly contrasted will give it a unique effect that challenges the conventions and is not usually consistant with this kind of video, as music videos in this genre are usually quite colourful and bold. This effect was highly popular within our audience as we received several positive comments about it.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?
The main product and ancillary texts relate quite well as in both the artists are shown in a fairly glamorous environment, especially with the costumes as we are wearing heels, dresses and generally nice clothing in both the video and the photo shoot we did for the digipak and magazine advert. The magazine advert and digipak both link together well due to the similar background colours and the wallpaper pattern that we overlayed onto both. It is vital that the video, digipak and magazine advert all link to show the consistency of the artist and we have achieved this by using the same, or similar images of us on the magazine advert and the digipak.The photos are also linked to the music video as we are the main focus, we both star in the video and on the digipak again providing consistency for the audience. Although the music video is shot in black and white, we originally thought about making the digipak and magazine advert black and white too, however we discovered this to be very dull, minimalistic and unappealing to the audience so we decided to create it using sepia tones instead. This kept the colours of the photos to a minimum but still makes it bold and stands out well.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
Our audience feedback was not as helpful as we had hoped as some of the comments were quite useless and we could not interpret it as either praise or criticism. However we managed to obtain some positive comments about the lighting and the black and white effect especially. The lighting was hugely popular among our peers and was said to look "very professional", as was the black and white effect that we used. Although our feedback was not as useful as anticipated, we did get some beneficial feedback from our teacher Tanya and our media tech Amar. We were advised to chop our performances up and intertwine them which made it more interesting and therefore more voyeristic.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
The variety of technologies we used allowed us to greatly improve and enhance our project. We used Blogger instead of handwriting our research which enabled us to use a more creative approach to our research, adding photos and videos from Youtube e.t.c to assist us throughout. Using Youtube allowed us to watch other artists (and also past student's) music videos and discover what aspects we liked and disliked about each one we watched, and then incorperating this into our own work. Final Cut Express is the program we used for our editing. It was a great program to use as it gave us lots of variation in effects and it was quite easy to use but gave us a good outcome. To create our magazine advert and digipak we used Photoshop. It was the best program to use and it gave us much more creative freedom than other simpler software's such as Paint e.t.c. For our evaluation we did a DVD commentary to go along with our music video in our digipak. By creating a DVD commentary it allowed us to be more creative in evaluating our product and also allowed us to input clips and photos of the subjects of our discussion, such as sections from our own music video and others.

Jess' evaluation questions

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
we used several different artists and music videos to further our own music video using intertextuality, one of goodwins points. we took the clock arm movement from the Biology video by Girls Aloud. And used this to go with the ''Tic Tic Tic Toc Tic Tic Tic Toc'' part of the chorus.
We used and developed the lighting in our music video giving it glamour and emphasis. We initially used the idea from Mcfly's Party Girl acoustic music video for The Sun. the light behind the artist making it possible to get good contrast. we also used the contrasting black and white style from this music video. This video doesn't link to our genre at all but maybe they challenged this form and convention.

We developed Mcfly's lighting by using more than one light. we used 4. using car headlights to give us the number as well as tying in nicely with our lyrics, 'Mr Mechanic'... mechanics work on cars.
This lighting is more often than not used in the R&B genre. Beyonce uses this lighting style in her Diva video, as well as the contrasting black and white. does this style of light couple with having a black and white?

We tried to conform to the style of outfit RnB artists use heels and a fancy dress. we made use of what we had in our wardrobes.
however we challenged the general actions of the artists in the videos, RnB artists tend to exploit there femininity wearing less clothes than necessary and performing sexual related dance moves. This uses goodwins point of voyeurism by the objectification of women. We didn't exploit our selves for publicity as well, we're students we don't need to exploit our femininity this early on in life and it was very cold. 
we did exploit my feet however in the fashionable high heels. could appeal to the audience with  podophilia, the like of feet. i reckon i have pretty feet. but the RnB genre exploit legs. close enough.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?
It is important to have all three aspects linking because it has a consistency that links the artist to all three. it also would imply that the artist used the same company to develop the music video, the digipak and the magazine advert maybe even the CD cover.
If they don't link it disrupts the audiences subconscious linking towards all of them. it may subconsciously get them to think its a different quality of product.
The artist representation throughout all three tasks all linked we were both involved in all. Both in the performance and both in the digipak and magazine advert. this meant
I thought the combination of our tasks worked surprisingly well. our Digipak and magazine advert linked together well. using similar colors and the same background damask pattern. even though our initial outfits changed between the music video and the ancillary tasks we tried to keep the glamour there. our heels stayed the same.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
Unfortunately we didn't learn much. not many comments we're left in sentences and others were very unhelpful. We found people loved the lighting and felt it worked really well. With more lights and resources it could've been even better. Also people noticed the shoes and comments were included complimenting them.
We found that people recognised our attempts at focusing the music video on our artist and having them dominate through out as a lot of RnB artists do, such as Beyonce, Cheryl Cole and Shakira. However with these comments we also got a comment which said we needed to pay more attention to the costume.  this showed me that appearance is a big part of life.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For our research we recorded our work online rather than paper. this allowed us to add videos and images that could link the reader to websites or a bigger version of the image. If paper would've been used it'd of been impossible to get videos we'd of had to put links for people to have to search on the computer and it would of been unnecessary as we could've just used blogger which we did.
in our evaluation stage instead of writing an essay like we did last year on paper or even on powerpoint on the computer. we filmed it and are currently editing it together with clips of our video and current videos we used as inspiration. Writing these answers here are a back up to our video as well as a draft.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Final Music Video

Digipak Questionnaire

  1. Would you ever consider buying a digipak?
  2. What are the essentials you would expect to see on the front cover of a digipak?
  3. What images would you expect to see on a digipak of this genre?
  4. What would entice you into buying the digipak?
  5. What type of font would you expect to see on a digipak of this genre?

6. What would you expect to be the main focus on the digipak?
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